Monday, 12 March 2012

QUESTION: It is very important that the young workforce prepares itself to meet the present day challenges in order for a country to achieve developed nation status. Do you agree with this statement? Write your opinion with reasons and examples to support it. the essay to be written should not be fewer than 250 words.

          A developed nation can be defined as a nation which has achieved stability in terms of its economic growth and security. In this millennium, the most common criteria in evaluating a developed country includes its gross domestic product (GDP), the per capita income, the level of industrialisation, its amount of widespread infrastructure and also the general standard of living. Malaysia as an under-developed nation is almost at its height in achieving this benchmark. In accordance to this, the power of youth remains an essential for all kinds of communal development generally, and this process especially. Henceforth, it is absolutely agreeable to state that the young workforce plays the key role for a country in its pursuit to achieve a developed nation status based on the three factors; their origin from the latest education system, the possession of the physical and mental vigour, and becoming the apprentice for the continuation of the early generation’s aspiration.

First and foremost, it is crucial for the young workforce of a country to prepare itself for all the inevitable challenges during the nation development process as they are the assets for a developing country to achieve higher nation status; developed country. The first privilege that young people have is in the field of education, by which they are born from the latest education system. To face the unavoidable difficulties during the development process, it is important for a country to generate a sky-high self-esteemed and skilful generation. It seems quite harder with the former exam-oriented education system which focuses entirely on intellectuality and ignores experiential learning, leading students to only extrinsically value education and not intrinsically value learning. With the introduction of the more recent ‘School-based Assessment (SBA)’, the education system is set to be less exam-oriented. Moreover, the establishment of talent school idea can develop the self-esteem of young workforce in the future. Early prediction to the flow of the education system in our country can be foreseen now. Thus, the young workforce should take this opportunity and lead this country in the most appropriate way or otherwise the developed nation status can only become as one of unachievable goals.

Furthermore, the youth has physical and mental advantages to be met with the demand of a developed country. Physically, young workforce has more strength to cope with the fast-moving world and the increasing workload. They can work overtime for more outcomes in their field. Based on a study conducted in 2009 on entrepreneurships, the average age for the CEOs of medium-sized company has decreased from 57 to 45 since the past decade. This is due to their physical advantages in handling long hours of meeting time added with the increasing need to travel long distances frequently. Mentally, newly graduate workers bring in new and fresh ideas as they are being more productive, enthusiastic, committed and more innovative. In order to get promotion or high-paid salaries, they can work well under pressure, have many ground-breaking ideas and cultivate their ken. Many younger employees have more skills or experience than older staff, which have been stuck in one area or unit for most of their working lives. Besides, they are more adaptive to the modern workplace and can be more readily moulded to a particular work style. As a result, they provide the solution for the weakness of the past and therefore the development of the nation has gone another step into a developed nation status.

The growth and development of a country also follows the one simple rule not unlike all other growths; that it begins from the bottom and then slowly progresses upwards step by step. In terms of a country on the road towards a developed nation status, the transition between the present generation and their apprentices holds the key factor for a successful country growth. As the old carry their aspirations together in building up this nation, the younger generation needs to be properly trained to understand and absorb these sentiments so that the nation’s development will be in line with the original set-ups planned by the pioneers of the country’ development. Ultimately, the developed nation status will become an easier goal to achieve.
          In final consideration, it really is important for the young workforce to prepare themselves to meet the present day challenges in order for the country to achieve the developed nation status. A wise man once said, “We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit”. Young people have their own flair which can help a country to achieve higher nation status as a developed country. The problem now is their talents are not being boosted enough. Thus, they are not prepared enough to meet the future challenges which are seem to be more and more difficult. Then, where we can find an independent generation which is needed in making a further development to our country? 


  1. @humaira-athirah-muin :

    Are you really sure that the recent ‘School-based Assessment (SBA)’is set to be less exam-oriented?
    In my opinion,our education system is still under the exam-oriented. This system is not good for our country as it would produce more less independent students..
    Independent and self-esteem is very important to young workforce in order to survive in the present day challenges...
    last but not least,
    congratulation to three of you..
    really love your awesome essay..
    keep it up..

    1. waalaikummussalam w.b.t.

      thanks to you for your opinion but we didn't say that our education system is now free from just seems to be less exam-oriented by the introduction of SBA.based on this system, students would be assessed on academic and non-academic fields.Such assessment will be carried out continuously in schools by teachers for all subjects throughout the year. It will include school and central assessments; assessment of physical, sports and co-curricular activities; and a psychometric (aptitude) assessment(New Straits Times-4 March 2012).With these assessments in place, school-based tests and examinations would be reduced.Besides,students also can evaluate their self-esteem and become more independent by actively participating in co-curricular activities.

      Thank you^^

  2. We agree with what @humaira-athirah-muin said.This is because exam-oriented learning made the students' thinking hard to develop as they only learn for what will come out in exam.We can see that most of students tend to learn just for the sake of exam.Just to pass requirement needed in order to move to higher level.That is why,we need to abolish this exam-oriented style.We can also deduct that many students are stress about exam.As a result,there were many students commit suicide as they are in deep in pressure.
    We like this essay very much.You are good in elaborate this essay.Congratulations!! ^^

  3. i like the way you make your essay =D
    i think you have made a very essay which people can easily convince with your points since you have managed to elaborate it very clear. Somehow, i think that you should elaborate more in your forth paragraph because each paragraph must be balanced. i like the way you end your essay with a question.
    Keep it up,