Tuesday, 28 February 2012


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There is a lot of controversy about the generation gap between parents and children. Do you agree that the older party must try to adapt with the young ones or vice versa?

A Chinese proverb said, “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation”. Yet to help the next generation is by narrowing the generation gap. According to the Oxford Dictionary, generation gap is a difference in attitudes between people of different generation. A generation gap occurs when older and younger people do not understand each other because of their difference in opinion, experience and nature.  In order to reduce generation gap, one party either the elder or the youth must be held accountable. In this situation, the elders seem to be the one who should adapt with the young one because they have more experience in life, have the power in ruling their children’s life as well as they can pass on priceless lessons and the children can learn from the past mistakes.

As the elders have more experience in life, they ought to be more understanding. They have been young and understand how the young feels whereas the young have never been old. Parents must have the idea on how to approach children in the way of entertainment, fashion, behaviour and so on. This does not mean that parents have to do or be interested in something that is exactly the same with their children. It is enough to be more understanding in the way they follow the flow of latest trend, not just giving the black and white order to arrange and manage their life. If the children consider their parents as a good listener and advisor, they will surely tolerate with their parents’ thoughts and views.

Apart from that, in any condition elders are often given power to rule or manage their children. This is because elders are more knowledgeable  and can be rational in making decision. They will know how to manipulate the youth to accept their opinions. This privilege is something that will play important role to help elders to reduce generation gap. For example, parents of course have the right to order their children as they wish, but still they must have the strategy to ensure that the children follow their way of life without putting pressure on them. At the same time, trying to consider the children’s desire. Thus the children will not take it as a life domination but as parents’ love and that will prevent them from making their parents as their enemy.

The longer the person lives, the more mistakes they will commit and the more lessons they will learn. For those who are older, they have the priceless lessons to pass on to the youth, to let the youth learn from their earlier oversight so that they will not repeat the same mistakes. It is why elders should try to adapt with the young one. Taking parents again as an example, they can guide their children in order to prevent them from being totally influenced by bad culture such as in music, clothing and food because it will give bad effect to individual and also the future generation.

As the conclusion, the generation gap is not a novel problem as it also happened among the past generation. It occurs when the older and the young individual contradict each other in their attitude. The fact is this problem can’t be controlled if both of them can’t tolerate to each other. Thus, it is a best decision for the elders to be creative in adapting themselves with the young people otherwise the gap will become worst and there will be lack of respectful towards each other. Do you think that you can live in a community with the children who are dare to summon their own parents just because the parents have thrown their Michael Jackson’s CDs?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Parents of teen vandals be held responsible for their child's irresponsibilities. Do you agree?

...and here is our response. Be overwhelmed!

     When parents are always trying to monitor their children's activities, should they be blamed if the children are still involved in vandalism because of many other external influences? Do parents have the abilities, time and opportunity to guard the children every time? The fact is that the parents also have their own difficulties which prevent them from having full control of their children. Instead of the parents, the mass media and peer influence play their own role in this negative phenomenon. Lack of self control of the teenager themselves also can lead to vandalism.

     The mass media have great influence and strong impact and can hardly be avoided today. For example, some scenes from the films and dramas have elements of behavior related to vandalism and teenagers will see it as as something cool to follow as the scenes are perfectly done by the main actor. if the teenagers scribble some graffiti on school buildings' walls or break the public phones, it is the violent-like TV programmes that they watch are to blame, and not the parents who are said supposed to be there to watch over their children.

     Teens learn from the world around them. Teenagers are usually easier to copy and become influenced by their peers as they spend most of their time at school or college with them. Thus, peers play a large part in the lives of youngsters and unknowingly replaces the family as the best partner for a teen social and leisure activities. As teenagers have various kinds of peer relations, there is a big chance that some among those people could influence all of them in a bad way.

     The last reason why parents should not be blamed on teen vandals is because the lack of self control of the teenagers themselves which can also promote them to commit vandalism. Although teenagers are grown and nourished with advices from their parents, together with the virtues on what is right and wrong being taught since young, still the lack of self control will eventually lead them to vandalism. For instance, some teenagers just cannot stop themselves from enjoying the negative activities together with their friends although they already knew the risk, for they themselves willingly let immoral partners to influence them.

     In the final conclusion, if the parents always do talk to their children and keep grounding them, but the children is still out of control, then what else can the parents do? Teens are manipulating people because they are not held accountable to their actions. They are smart and life is a game to them. If they keep doing wrong acts and people reward them for bad behavior, they will continue to do so. then someday they will say, " my parents take the blame for my actions. Why should I  listen?" Thus, we do not want our precious generation to become like this in the process of raising a generation of proactive teenagers.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

bigbrother&kids' members

Name : Siti Hafizah bt Che Sarif
Date of Birth : 7 September 1993
Zodiac : Virgo
Hometown : Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan
Favourite Song : Count On Me - Bruno Mars

Name : Wan Asma' Bt W Mohd Yusof
Date of Birth : 14 November 1993
Zodiac : Scorpion
Hometown : Kajang, Selangor
Favourite Song : This Is Me - Demi Loveto
Motto : "I AM I"

Name : Imran lutfi Bin Mohammad Khir
Date of Birth : 9 January 1993
Zodiac : Capricorn
Hometown : Shah Alam, Selangor
Favourite Song : I Am Near - Native Deen
Favourite Quote : "And verily there is none for one except that of which he has put effort (upon it)"