Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Imran : Just another thought that flashed through my mind sometimes.

Friends, could you be so much as the tiniest kind enough, to keep your blogs simple and less fluffy and flowery and cutie and colourfully and mushy-mushy and others? Please, i beg of you...

It really is hard, and I know you all knew it well as i know it too. To wait for long page loading time, experiencing lags during scrolling up and down and to squint your eyes to read some reallly nice typing fonts. Especially when using broadband that had reached its limit =p



  1. liyana : use maxis broadband!!you will not disappointed by it !!Although it had reach its limit,the usage is still maximum !!

    1. Haha... can we add a 'like' button in our blog and everyone will like this comment..?.. :-)

  2. zafana+ nik : haha, we like your entry... we also think the same way because sometime too much colors can cause dizziness.. we think it is much better to make it simple, it is cool ~ kindly choose font that is easy to read...

  3. i don't see it as a problem.the point is u need to find the time for a clear coverage.of course when u r using from 9-11pm.most people r using it.of course the line will be much slower because although we r using different different broadband but the fact is we r sharing the same network.......so,try to find a suitable time

  4. haha... like button... hahahaha... like...like.. blogspot is facebook then,

  5. i have improve my blog..so, please visit it more often after this..hahaha...by the way,, thanks for your recommendation.. :)

  6. I also impressed with our own group blog, if the other people cant accept with the other people 's blog, thats is your way of thinking.
    But everyone have their own creativity in making their own blog.
    So have a nice impression towards other people.thank you

  7. just to add something... the main objective for creating the blog is to improve our English by writing and reading essays... so, why dont we make our blog simple so that people can read the essay clearly.. btw, as long as our miss does not say anything, just continue with it... hahahaha :)
    Sky water juice, relax..

  8. ok guys enough. this is just a suggestion/recommendation, it really is NOT COMPULSORY to follow it, it is a GENERAL STATEMENT WITHOUT stating any individuals related, and simply no offense intended eh..

    one who bites the chilly tastes the spicyness,
    two whom see knows not what one tastes,

    haha XD